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General Looney’s presentation to our senior management retreat was awesome!! Not only is Bill a Leadership Think-tank, but, setting aside his impressive resume, he connects in a meaningful and powerful way with his audience. This connection is vital in order to exchange "great words" for "great actions" back home in the business. He delivered all I hoped for and more! If you are in search of an inspiring, motivational speaker that will fire up your leadership team... General Bill Looney is your man!!!

Roger Woolsey, CEO, Million Air

“General Looney’s unique approach to mentoring Senior Leadership skills was able to raise the bar on an already high performing team to a level that now has it on track to outperform in all areas.  His ability to engage and inspire across a wide talent range, brought a focus to my team that has each member utilizing their unique talent sets to advance and excel at our collective and individual goal attainment.  Learning first hand, how to deal with the everyday obstacles faced in a challenging career field, and understanding how through the use of principled leadership, to engage the most out of every member of the team, I am now leading a more energized and motivated team to accomplish  our objectives. “

Ford Phillips, Sales Leader, Hewlett Packard Company

Bill Looney’s lessons in leadership were exactly what we needed. His down-to-earth, practical approach came through loud and clear in his talk, which was entertaining, funny, memorable and moving. Bill’s simple, memorable stories each tell a singular lesson, and he threaded them together masterfully, communicating a highly effective model of leadership. Bill connected with the audience very well, and his powerful stories from the military sphere seemed as relevant to us (business leadership) as they would be to a platoon commander or sports captain.

Tom Green, Manager, Bain & Company, Inc.

General Looney recently presented to GE Aviation’s global legal team. Although lawyers are not accustomed to leadership training, his remarks were universally applicable and really struck a chord with the team.  He brought his leadership lessons to life by using examples from his long and highly successful career in the Air Force.  He is a “must see” speaker for any team seeking to improve the leadership talents of its organization from top to bottom.

Michael R. McAlevey, Vice President, Legal Operations & Business Development, GE Aviation

"Bill Looney has it right, and his leadership approach works.. I use it in my company! This is a must for leaders."

Andrew Taylor Chairman and CEO Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"Bill Looney has captured the importance leaders play in creating organizations that Exceed Expectations.  His reflections on leadership provide a wealth of lessons learned. Well Done!"

Gen (Ret) Richard Myers
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

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