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"Great Leadership creates environments where people are motivated from within to Exceed Expectations and take performance to the next level."

Exceeding Expectations, Incorporated is a company dedicated to enhancing the inspiring, motivating, and productive aspects of leadership that create such an environment. Through a series of informative and motivating discussions and workshops, participants are exposed to a multitude of leadership approaches, techniques, and traits that will take their leadership talents to the next level.

This leadership experience is offered through presentations, seminars, and audio tapes. All created with one purpose in mind.... to create a leader that inspires and motivates people to Exceed Expectations !!!

Other than religion, leadership may be the most discussed subject in the world. The reason is very simple - without effective leadership very little happens; with effective leadership everything can happen! This is true for all forms of leadership - military, commercial, civilian, and political. Whether you are leading military forces into battle, directing a business, coaching an athletic team, or leading a nation; effective, motivating, and inspiring leadership is the key to success.

General (Retired) William "Bill" Looney is the CEO and President of Exceeding Expectations, Inc ( see bio) and brings a wealth of knowledge and real world experience to the pursuit of leadership excellence. In addition to his 40 year career in the military, General Looney combines his experience in the corporate world to describe what a leader must do to inspire and motivate.

Exceeding Expectations, Incorporated is headquartered in beautiful San Antonio, Texas, and was established in 2008.

"Bill Looney has it right, and his leadership approach works.. I use it in my company! This is a must for leaders."

Andrew Taylor Chairman and CEO Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"Bill Looney has captured the importance leaders play in creating organizations that Exceed Expectations.  His reflections on leadership provide a wealth of lessons learned. Well Done!"

Gen (Ret) Richard Myers
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

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