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is the art of creating environments where organizations and individuals routinely EXCEED EXPECTATIONS!!!!

General William "Bill" Looney understands this and, more importantly, knows how to create this environment. Throughout his 40 year career he led more organizations than any other Air Force General, past or present. From his days as the top cadet at the Air Force Academy to his final command as a 4 Star General, he has mastered the art of leadership.
Now his desire is to share this knowledge with current and future leaders. If you are interested in learning how to inspire, motivate, and create an organization that is committed to Exceeding Expectations, not just meeting them, then working with General Looney is your answer.
He will explain how to create an organization based on competency, commitment, and compassion that revolves around a positive, motivating leadership style. You can choose your method of engagement - speaking presentation, seminar, personal coaching, or audio CDs.

General Looney is here for you, and looks forward to helping you craft the leadership style that will result in success that Exceeds Expectations!!!

"Bill Looney has it right, and his leadership approach works.. I use it in my company! This is a must for leaders."

Andrew Taylor Chairman and CEO Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"Bill Looney has captured the importance leaders play in creating organizations that Exceed Expectations.  His reflections on leadership provide a wealth of lessons learned. Well Done!"

Gen (Ret) Richard Myers
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

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